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Jawatte Masjid

About Jawatte Jummah Masjid


Jawatte Jummah Masjid is a Mosque located in Colombo 00700. It is one of the beautiful, in a peaceful environment Masjid in Sri Lanka. Address of Jawatte Jummah Masjid is No.50, Torrington Avenue, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka. Jawatte Jummah Masjid has quite many listed places around it.

The first proper masjid was built at the premises of the Jawatte Burial Grounds in 1941. This event was announced in the Times of Ceylon newspaper of 22nd August 1941.

Over the following 70 years. The shape and size of the Jawatte Jummah Masjid underwent considerable changes to meet the requirements of it’s Jamaath